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Outcome-based wound healing

What is outcome-based wound healing and how do you adopt it?

An outcome-based approach to care is widely adopted for inpatient practices with strong results. An outcome-based approach to care implies a way of working that focuses on achieving specific outcomes or goals. It involves continously assessing and monitoring the progress of the specific condition, measuring various indicators and parameters, and adjusting the treatment plan accordingly. Even though an outcome-based approach is considered standard in most care verticals, the wound care specialty currently accepts significantly longer evaluation periods (3-6 weeks) before evaluating the results than what is seen in other verticals. This low frequency of evaluation would not be acceptable for any other health care vertical or for any other patient group.


The main challenge for employing an Outcome-Based approach to Wound Care is measurable care outcomes between each dressing. SeeWound is the next generation clinically proven solution for an outcome-based approach to wound care using AI-based wound assessments. The fully automated solution has shown to lower the time-to-identification of non-functional treatments by more than 4 weeks, compared to conventional methods. Nurses have reported higher control of the wound treatment progression and concomitantly improved levels of wound healing competence in their day-to-day work. Patients can now, for the first time, be fully included in the care planning process, and thus aware of the impact of the specific home care practices, such as the value of proper compression treatment, diet, exercise, and footwear. 

Outcome-based wound care aims to provide a structured and systematic approach to wound management, ensuring that interventions are tailored to individual patient needs and that progress is continually monitored and evaluated. By focusing on specific outcomes, healthcare professionals can better assess the effectiveness of treatments and make informed decisions for ongoing wound care.

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Outcome-based wound healing with SeeWound

1. Capture image

Images are easily captured through the SeeWound application directly at the point of care (no additional hardware needed)

2. Analysis and documentation

Proprietary artificial intelligence automatically mark the contures of the wound and instantly provide a measurement of the size of the wound with millimeter accuracy (no manual work required by clinician)

3. Track wound healing in your specific system

All images are saved in the mobile device and can easily be transferred to image management system and/or patient documentation system. The detailed information of healing trajectory allows clinicians to quickly identify which wounds that are healing and which treatment plans that needs revision.

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