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For information driven and patient-centered wound healing

Improve treatment and enhance unit collaboration by automatically monitor wound healing directly at the point of care. An easy-to-use mobile application (iOS/android) powered by industry leading artificial intelligence. 

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Trusted by more than 50 clinics, primary care units and municipality care facilities in Sweden from e.g. 


Winner 2022 - Link above


Winner 2022 - Link above

Improve treatments 

Up to 20% reduction in healing time due to early detection of non-functioning treatments

Increase patient involvement

Include and inspire patients by daily communicating and discussing precise wound healing trajectory

Enhance communication

Use objective documentation of wound healing to communicate with colleagues 

Higher patient involvement with full patient in focus

Automatic and objective monitoring of wound healing in square centimeters. Use the insights to optimize treatment and to confidently communicate healing trajectory directly with the patient. The wound is often only part of the patient challenges and through collaboration the wounds can heal faster.

“We have seen that we gain more trust from patients, and their confidence is boosted when the wound is gradually decreasing for each visit, because now we can see the small changes that happened within a week”

– Nurse, Primary care unit

Digital support to nurses treating wounds daily

Quickly identify which wounds that heal and which wounds that need extra attention. The objective monitoring and corresponding documentation provides key insights into the efficiency of current treatment and serves as a information base for improved collaboration across the organisation.

“SeeWound help us to quickly identify halted healing, enabling us to quickly refer challenging patient to dermatology clinic for assessment"

- Nurse, Primary care unit

“Our work feels more empowering and professional with SeeWound”

- Medically Responsible Nurse, Nursing Home

Developed in Sweden by active healthcare clinicians   

SeeWound is developed by nurses and doctors at a well known university hospital in Sweden, with continous input from surounding primary care and municipality care facilities. The application is powered by image processing algorithms and artificial intelligence derived from >20 years of wound research at the Swedish University Hospital.

“All departments wound benefit to have SeeWound, patients moved to our unit are not always monitored with photo documentation- or sometimes no documentation at all... which directly affects the patient’s wound care”

- Nurse, Surgical Unit, University Hospital

Simplify wound healing with SeeWound

1. Capture image

Images are easily captured through the SeeWound application directly at the point of care (no additional hardware needed)

2. Analysis and documentation

Proprietary artificial intelligence automatically mark the contures of the wound and instantly provide a measurement of the size of the wound with millimeter accuracy (no manual work required by clinician)

3. Track wound healing in your specific system

All images are saved in the mobile device and can easily be transferred to image management system and/or patient documentation system. The detailed information of healing trajectory allows clinicians to quickly identify which wounds that are healing and which treatment plans that needs revision.

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Scientific board
Christina Lindholm.jpg

Christina Lindholm

PhD senior professor Sophiahemmet University/Karolinska University hospital. Author of the "wound care bible" SÅR.

Artur S.jpg

Artur Schmidtchen

Professor and Head of Division of Dermatology and Venereology, Lund University hospital

Malin Munter.jpg

Malin Munter

Wound care responsible Jönköping Municipality, Editor in Chief Sårjournalen

Latest news about SeeWound

Region Östergötland: SeeWound helps us improve quality of care for patients with hard to heal wounds 

"Continous development is a prerequisite to maintain a high quality of care. Patients with hard-to-heal wounds are treated across the full care continuum – specialist clinics and primary care and at home. Therefore, it is important that we find and use tools that ensure the same level of care everywhere"

30 November 2022

Wound Documentation: Försäljningslead

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